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About St Cuthberts

Welcome to St Cuthbert’s Primary School. Our school is housed in a beautiful Victorian building in the heart of Pateley Bridge, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

We are passionate at St Cuthbert’s about nurturing children so that they flourish into a caring, confident and resilient young person who has a love of learning.

Our core values and Christian values of CHAMPS (Choices/Responsibility, Honesty/Compassion, Achievement/Wisdom, Perseverance/Courage and  Safety) are at the heart of our school and underpin a culture that enables our children to know they are of immense worth.

As part of The Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation, we benefit from being part of an outward looking organisation and have opportunities to learn collaboratively and access specialist teaching beyond an individual school’s scope. Pupils come together frequently with peers from their own year group to access specialist teaching in subjects such as PE, music and PSHE.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of our children. We work hard to know every child, to know their strengths, interests and next steps, so that learning is always challenging and exciting.

The staff and Governors are unwavering in their commitment to children’s learning within our federation. The excellent curriculum encourages children to develop their knowledge and learn more through well sequenced programmes of learning – see our curriculum pages!

Our teachers and curriculum leaders, across the federation, meet at least once a week to drive, support and challenge each other to be the best they can be – to make a difference in the lives of the children. We are proud of our school and we hope you can see why.


Stakeholder Questionnaire Results

We handed out a questionnaire to all parents who attended Parent’s Evening in March 2023, and below are a selection of the results:

90% of parents agreed that the headteacher leads the school well (the remaining 10% answered ‘don’t know’)
100% of parents agreed that the school ensures that all pupils are supported to succeed and achieve their potential, and that the school has high expectations for their children
80% of parents agreed that their child/children feel confident to talk to staff if they have a problem (the remaining 20% answered ‘don’t know’)
90% of parents agreed that their child/children is/are given clear guidance on how to behave (the remaining 10% answered ‘don’t know’)
100% of parents agreed that the school promotes the importance of good attendance and encourages children to attend regularly
100% of parents agreed that their child/children enjoy going to school and that lessons are exciting and enjoyable, and that they are taught well
90% of parents agreed that their child/children is/are making good progress (the remaining 10% answered ‘don’t know’)
100% of parents agreed that the curriculum is broad and meets the needs of all pupils

This morning (14 March 2024), our parents really enjoyed the ‘Learn With Me’ session on Grammar and Punctuation. Here are some of the fabulous comments we received:
  • It was lovely to watch the children work out the different words. I was happy to help. Miss Newton is great.
  • It is great to be able to come into school and see how the children are learning.
  • It was lovely to sit with my child and see how he engages with his learning. All the children were very well behaved.
March 2024

I simply have to say how fantastic and supportive everyone has been though our move to Pateley and settling my two into nursery and reception. They have gone from never wanting to go into school, to asking if they can still go on a weekend! Not only do they love it, but they have noticeably come on with their reading and maths work too. They finally have more to tell me than what they had for lunch! We are thrilled they are with you and very thankful for all you do for them ! Their behaviour and happiness says it all.

February 2024

It’s amazing that St Cuthbert’s has Commando Joes in school! I feel so lucky as a parent that school gives my child different learning opportunities and sees how other things are just as important as traditional lessons. Thank you.

February 2024

This is a message for everyone who plays a part in “turning the cogs” at St Cuthbert’s School.

We would like to thank you all for enriching not just our boy’s lives but our own as well, we thoroughly enjoy spending time with you all and seeing how passionate you all are at what you do.

Thank you for being so loving with our boys, for being inclusive and allowing them involvement in so much educational fun. They were happy before, but they are even happier now.

You are a very special school.

December 2023

I just wanted to email to say a massive thank you to all the staff that offered their time on Saturday afternoon. My two had a ball!  

Also, thank you to the staff who coordinated and supervised the choir at the late night shopping event. The kids sounded great and their faces said it all.  

I also need to thank Admin for sending out our PTA messages, texts and posters.  

It’s really heartwarming – we do have the best teachers and two of the best schools around here. 

December 2023

I just wanted to put on record that the support that you and your team have given my grandson has had such a positive impact; it’s something that will underpin his self-esteem and his development throughout his life.

St Cuthbert’s is a great school, happy and enthusiastic with an exceptional desire to encourage the children in a variety of different ways. You (Miss Thornber) and your teachers will always have my respect and gratitude for the work that you put in, not just for my grandson, but for all of the other children too.

October 2023

After a period of quite dramatic change and also the challenges of Covid to contend with, St Cuthbert’s has become a really positive and happy environment for our children. The school has made a huge effort to increase the number of after school activities and school trips/external speakers, allowing the children a wide depth and breadth of experiences. It is so lovely to watch the children help each other and support each other throughout the school. The children always look smart, and their behaviour is exemplary. The head and supporting staff have worked incredibly hard at changing the school for the better, well done!

October 2023

I want to thank everyone at the school for making our daughter so welcome. We have been really impressed with the quality of the teaching, pastoral care and how well the school is run.

November 2023

I just wanted to drop the school a message to say a big thank you. 

Yesterday’s breakfast in school was lovely, especially as a new parent to school, it is something that is very much appreciated. I got to speak to a few other parents and felt part of the school community.

It was lovely to see our son with new friends, it really made my day. We still have ups and downs but he is generally settling, which we are so proud of him for; school has made this easier. The school goes above and beyond; we have never had anything like this at our other schools; it doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Thank you to all the staff – you are superstars! 

November 2023

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and the teaching staff for doing an amazing job with our son. He has gone into year 5 a confident, happy child and this, I understand, is really starting to show through in his work. It was so lovely to hear how well he is doing academically, in particular, how much he has improved with his maths. He has always found maths hard, however, if time is taken to lay the foundations,, then he will eventually grasp a concept. Once he has the concept and the tools to carry out a task, he can really begin to progress and I can see that this is really the case for him, so please pass on my thanks to Mrs Thomas, Miss Sheldon and especially Miss Pennock for supporting him and allowing him to flourish.

As we both know, there has been the odd bump in the road however I am so grateful that you have always taken the time to listen to myself and our son, and taken on board our side of view. You actively take on board feedback and carry through with the ideas we discuss. In particular, it was great that you took the time to educate the children on neurodiversity and involve our son’s Grandpa. My father has been stopped by so many parents recently and praised on his talk. People can either identify with him, or have told him that it has opened up fantastic discussions with their kids around the dinner table, so I feel we are achieving what we set out to do.

October 2023

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