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Fountains Earth and St Cuthbert’s

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Governor Profile Information

When a vacancy for a Parent Governor occurs, parents may stand for election.  There are 2 Parent Governors serving on our Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation and these have been elected for a four year period by formal ballot  We do keep an up-to-date register of parents eligible to vote in this ballot, including the divorced or separated parent with whom the child is not living.

If there were to be any parental complaints these should initially be put to the Headteacher who may be able to resolve the matter simply.  However, if no satisfaction is obtained there is a formal complaints procedure.  Parents should then contact the Clerk to the Governors, Mrs A Lumley via St. Cuthbert’s Primary School, Pateley Bridge 01423 71147 or email

The Chair of Governors for the Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation – Helen Nelson and Hugh Smith can be contacted via

Glasshouses Community Primary School, Glasshouses, Harrogate, HG3 5QH

Our Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation is made up of:

Fountains Earth CE Primary, Glasshouses Community Primary, and St Cuthbert’s CE Primary Schools

Our Governing Board is:

Abigail Broadley Local Authority Governor
Jenny Smail Parent Governor
Darryl Hall Foundation/Ex Officio Governor*
Vacancy Foundation Governor
Gavin Lewis Foundation Governor
Nicola Thornber Headteacher Governor*
Joel Smith Co-opted Governor
Christine Skaife Co-opted Governor (Chair of Governors)
Neil Thompson Co-opted Governor
Connor Caswell Staff Governor
Andrew Neal Co-opted Governor (Vice Chair of Governors)
Vacancy Co-opted governor with info re applications invited – closing date 09/01/24
Vacancy Parent Governor – election info will be sent in Jan 24

Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation Governing Board

Fountains Earth C of E CE Primary School
Glasshouses Community Primary School
St Cuthbert’s CE Primary School
(*All terms of office are for 4 years (except D Hall and N Thornber)

Business Interests


Type Responsibilites


Type of Governor/Appointed by

Committee Membership

Responsible for/Monitoring Area


Term Ends

Business Interest

Attendance 2023

Attendance 2024

Broadley, Abigail


Local Authority/Local Authority Pupil Discipline

Staff Dismissal


Marketing and communication 17/01/2022 16/01//2026 Director/Founder of Abi Broadley Consulting Ltd

Distant relation via marriage to A Lumley (Clerk)

5/6 1/1

Caswell, Connor


Staff / Staff

(previously Associate Member)

None   17/01/2022 (AM)             20/09/2022 (staff) 19/09/2026 Base Leader at Glasshouses C Primary School 5/6 1/1
Hall, Darryl


Foundation / Ex Officio   RE/Spirituality 17/01/2022 * Vicar of Upper Nidderdale 1/6 0/1
Harris, Kim


Co-opted/Governing Board Chair of Governors

Staff Dismissal appeals

TBC 07/02/2024 06/02/2028 Nil N/A 1/1
Jackson, Zoe


Parent/Parents   TBC 01/02/2024 31/01/2028 Nil N/A 1/1
Lewis, Gavin


Foundation/Diocese Complaints- Chair

Pupil Discipline

Staff Dismissal – Chair


RE/Spirituality/Foundation subjects 17/01/2022 16/01/2026 Nil 5/6 1/1
Neal, Andrew Co-opted Vice Chair


Curriculum and Data 12/07/2023 11/12/2027 Neal Educational Associates Ltd – School Improvement 3/3 1/1
Skaife, Christine


Co-opted/Governing Board Complaints

Pupil Discipline – chair

Staff Dismissal Appeals

SEN/ Vulnerable Children/ Safeguarding/Well being 17/01/2022 16/01/2026 Mother of Teaching Assistant at GH and governor N Thompson

Raikes/Lupton Foundation

6/6 1/1
Smail, Jenny


Parent/Parents Complaints

Staff Dismissal


Website compliance

Early Years to incl phonics

17/01/2022 16/01/2026 Nil 6/6 1/1
Smith, Joel


Co-opted/Governing Board Staff dismissal appeals Sports Premium/ PE / ICT/ Outdoor Ed / 22/03/2023 21/03/2027 Director IT consultancy (Dales IT Ltd) 5/5 1/1
Thompson, Neil


Co-opted /Governing Board None H & S / Premises 17/01/2022 16/01/2026 Teaching Assistant in school

Pateley Bridge Town Councillor

Upper Nidderdale Scout Group Leader. Son of governor C Skaife

Raikes/Lupton Foundation

5/6 0/1
Thornber, Nicola


Headteacher Marketing All priority areas   *   6/6 1/1
Wilkinson, Nicola Associate Member


Marketing SEN 22/03/2023 21/03/2027 Deputy Head teacher 6/6 1/1
Vacancy Foundation              
Lumley, Angela


Clerk to Governors